Useful Guidelines for Sensible Mobile Web Design

Smartphones, tablets and other small devices have taken the place of laptop & computers for major internet usage in broad way now. Many users do their searches through these devices and use them more to browse and social networking activities. There is high possibility that your website will get traffic from mobile devices more now so it is advisable to have website design to be mobile friendly.

It is imperative to have the mobile website design considerations before you jump to that. You must be aware about user experience, acceptability as well as the technical issues related to have the contents and images which suits various screen sizes, formats and many more.

It is not always right that website looks so amazing on your laptop or desktop should look amazing on mobile devices as well, sometimes it look so horrible to your thinking.

If you have, or are considering, a mobile design for your site, let’s look at seven tips to consider in your design process:

• Functionality first, then looks. One of the most important things about your mobile design is that it needs to load fast and work well. Focus on getting these elements working stably and correctly, first. Then add sizzle and pop with your graphics. Mobile users are looking for a fast and easy experience. Make sure your design delivers.

• Beware of content overload. Make the pages easy to read, with lots of white space. This creates a more pleasant experience for your mobile visitors. They will be reading on screens of all sizes, ranging from Smartphones to mini-tablets to full-size tablets. Keep this in mind when publishing your content.

Make navigation visual and easy. Use large buttons for navigation in your mobile design. If you are expecting mobile visitors to click, scroll, or to complete any other kind of interaction, make this easy to do. Make your links or buttons larger, and consider pulling them out of your content, perhaps through use of color or framing. Make it easy for your mobile visitors to find and use the links you’ve provided.

• Watch your site analytics. If you are tracking your site traffic and visits, pay attention to how your mobile users are interacting with your site. If you see reductions in visits, rapid drop offs, or anything that changes, this can suggest some difficulties with the mobile design that may need further investigation.

• Stay away from technologies that are not widely supported. Examples that come to mind are Flash and Javascript. Not all tablets support these, and your visitor experience will suffer if your site makes heavy use of them.

• Stay away from popups. These often annoy your desktop visitors. They are much worse for your mobile visitors, especially when the popup is not sized well and it takes up the whole screen. I’ve had my share of websites that I couldn’t visit or view because a pop-up jumped onto the screen and I couldn’t find a way to shut it down.

• Reduce need for extensive user interaction. Keep in mind, if people are visiting your site on a mobile device, they are likely moving around and doing other things. Allow them to use and experience your content without requiring frequent interactions, such as “click to go to the next page” — this is frustrating to mobile users who may not be able to keep clicking even when they are very interested in your content.

While there are other considerations for your mobile web design, these seven tips will point you in the right direction. Stay focused on your desired visitors’ experience, combine with your own experiences of websites that were not mobile-friendly and create a mobile design that is useful and valuable for your website visitors.

This can help you deliver your brand promise and also grow your business.

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Article Source» SEO-News ( By Rachna Jain )

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